About the Artist

A native Chicagoan, Marc Duke has worked as a photographer, writer, advertising creative director, translator and corporate executive. He began taking pictures professionally in the 1960s, as a newspaper and magazine photojournalist. His fine art photography endeavors date to the early 1970s. "I created my first flower images in 1974. It was a time of immense joy in my life; I had just met the woman who would be my constant companion for all the years since. And while I have photographed many subjects, flowers remain my favorite. In their manifold personalities, their riotous or subtle colors, their multitude of shapes, flowers echo the condition of man: ever-various, yet always substantially the same. To say that a flower is not human, thus cannot have a soul is disingenuous: what matters is that our own souls respond to these wonders of nature. It is my very humbling privilege to work at recording our emotional, intellectual and even physical responses to flowers, and to bring those images to the public." After thirty-five years of working with film, Marc has begun the long process of channeling his energies into the new, digital domain. "Digital photography is the most important development in photography since film. It has a beauty and grace that I believe transcends what can be accomplished with traditional techniques. And with its lack of oil-based film, toxic chemicals and huge trial-and-error waste of paper, digital photography is closer to the needs of our environment. "Equally important, today's photographers are creating images of astonishing beauty that, a decade ago, would have been impossible to capture."