About the Images

All fine art photographs by Marc Duke are issued only as Limited Edtion prints. They are photographed, printed, signed and numbered by Marc in his studio. After more than three decades of creating images using silver-based films and darkroom materials and techniques, Marc has embraced the new technology, and today photographs and prints using modern methods. This evolution resulted from an exhaustive five-year program of investigation, education and practice with the new materials and processes. Marc has chosen digital capture using cameras equipped with Kodak-manufactured image sensors, which adhere to the highest standards of detail and color rendition. His computers of choice are Apples. His studio is equipped with continuous emission HMI lighting systems. For printing, he has selected the Ultrachrome K-3 pigmented inks, run on Epson professional printers. The paper on which Marc executes his prints is a mould-made 100% cotton paper coated for photographic use. This combination of pigments and paper, in independent testing, has shown a lifespan before fading or other deterioration of more than 200 years. SIgnificantly, Marc employs no manipulation of his images other than those available to traditional darkroom printing. He believes it is the vision of the photographer, not his equipment, materials or processes, which distinguishes a fine art photograph worthy of ownership and display,